Manual Driving Lessons

Secure a pass driving school offers manual driving lessons throughout Nottingham. Whats included and the advantages of passing in a manual transmission 

  • Understanding and getting confident with the bitting point
  • Understanding gears
  • Drive any transmission car once passed your manual practical driving test

manual driving lessons

Passing in a automatic car wouldn't allow you to drive a manual car and if you do decide to get a manual car you will need to take the practical test again in a manual car whereas in when you passed in a manual car you can drive any transmission car whether it be a manual, automatic or semi-automatic car.

Financially, passing in a manual car is beneficial as manual cars are a lot cheaper to buy than an automatic, parts are cheaper and mechanical labor is cheaper too.

If you have never driven before then there is no easier way to get started. If you have driven a manual before and got nowhere maybe the driving instructor you were using just couldn't help you. Our driving school has never failed to help its customers to understand a manual car and get them through their practical driving test

Next Steps...

You have already done the HARD part which was finding us, now the easy bit, call us on 07580949494 or use the contact form to get a driving instructor to call you back