Driving courses Nottingham

driving courses in nottingham
driving courses nottingham

driving courses Nottingham. Learning to drive fast. Wanting to learn to drive in a short time of space and want to pass fast. Then our driving school offers great value for money driving courses to help you learn in a short time and pass the practical driving test

We understand no 2 people are the same and your needs would need different catering for, Please contact us to discuss which course would suit you best

if your looking for weekly, standard driving lessons Nottingham and competitive driving lesson prices contact us using the contact forum here or call our driving school on 07580949494

Rescue driving test crash course – £216

This course is designed for someone who has just recently failed their practical driving test and looking to quickly brush up their driving skills to retake the practical driving test. This course doesn’t include the practical driving test fee

Standard Driving Course – £350

This includes 16 hours driving tuition designed for learner drivers who already had a few hours and looking to pass the practical driving test – This course doesnt include the practical driving test fee

Intensive Driving Course – £850

Intensive pass course – This includes 26 hours of driving tuition designed for someone nearly test ready. This course doesnt include the practical driving test fee

Full intensity Driving Course – £1099

A complete learner driver course designed for complete new learner drivers looking to pass their practical driving test fast. This course doesn’t include practical driving test

All driving courses are subject to a initial deposit of £120. Driving courses can take up to 1-3 weeks to complete. All driving course must be completed within 4 months of the starting date. If more or less lessons are required the prices will be amended by the driving instructor